Server Status
Currently there are no active casts on Neptera-Global.


Commands (owner):

!cast {on/off} - Create or close your own cast
!cast password, |password| - Sets a password for the cast
!cast,desc, |description| - Set a description for the cast
!cast status - Information about your cast (viewer amount, description, password)
!cast viewers - Displays the name of all viewers
!cast {ban/unban},"name" - Bans a viewer from joining your cast/Removes the ban
!cast {mute/unmute} "name" - Mutes a viewer on your cast/Removes the mute
!cast bans - Displays a list of banned viewers
!cast mutes - Displays a list of muted viewers
!cast update - Updates the description and status on the website

Commands (viewer):

!nick newNick - Changes the viewer's name
!info - Displays a list of all viewers
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